Amateur Radio Activities have been popular in the campus for past few years with many students giving the ASOC Exam to get their own licenses to operate on the Amateur Radio Frequencies. HAMFEST a yearly activity of VU2IIT, Ham Club IITK restricted to only the campus goes public this time. Our goal: “Spread the message of what really Amateur Radio activity is” through this event.

Hamfest 08 would be a collection of events including the following:

Lectures :To introduce you to the world of amateur radio we have lectures by some of the best HAM radio operators in the country.

Foxhunt – The fun event!It is a timed race where teams would have to track down the transmitter using an antenna and a receiver that would be provided to them. Registrations open till 20th Jan.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) Workshop :This is an unique workshop wherein participants will have a chance to understand and experience this emerging technology of software defined radio (SDR).The workshop would comprise of various lectures and demonstrations at the end of which participants would build and take home a simple SDR. Registrations open till 20th Jan.

On the Spot Electronics Competition : Rules and format of the competition would be announced soon.

Visit us here for more details.



We are pleased to inform you that IIT Kanpur is organizing its annual
science and technology festival, Techkriti, from 14th to 17th February
Over the past many years Techkriti has evolved into one of the most prestigious
science and technology festivals in the country. Techkriti not only offers
science and engineering students all over the world a platform to pit their
technical prowess against each other but also a vibrant environment to
interact with the best and the brightest in the field. It gives us immense
pleasure to invite you and your team to participate in Techkriti 08!

*Robogames *(let’s machine talk!)
Robogames is one of the biggest and prominent events of Techkriti at IIT
Kanpur, which ensures a platform for the young talents to expose their
ingenuity in the emanating area of Robotics.
The Robogames team of Techkriti 08 invites you to participate in it.
We have following Events.

1.) *Battle of Atlantic * (*metal hunk swim inside the water*)
Make a robot that can move over or
under a body of water. It should collect as many floating plastic balls
(representing munitions packages) as possible, and put them inside its own
goal post (and not in the opponent’s), so as to collect maximum points in a
specified amount of time.

2.) *DetectorX*  (*cruise the electric field*)
An autonomous machine is required to
detect total number of landmines present in the entire arena. Landmines are
represented in the arena with black squares. The arena may consist of
different size landmines of different sizes. The machine should be able to
display total number of landmines detected, and also total number of black
squares detected at the end of its run.

3.)* The Savior Sense* *(jump in with both feet and cross the barriers) *
Participants are supposed to design a
manual/semi-autonomous robot that can maneuver through the given maze and
detect whether the metal plates placed in the maze carry current or not. In
the event of the plate being a current carrier, it must be able to press a
switch present on the top of the metal plate.

4.)* Throttle the Gears *(*venture through the landmine regions*)
The task is to make a wireless
controlled manual robot that can pass through castle filled with hurdles and
obstacles of varying difficulty. Each hurdle has some points associated with
it. There always exists some alternative simple path (bypass) across the

Techkriti Site: http://www.techkriti.org/

Robogames Site : http://www.techkriti.org/#lookup_Events_RoboGames

Wishing you all the best, hoping to see you in Techkriti 08!!
Feel free to ask about any query.

Techkrit ’08!!
Email: robogames@techkriti.org

School Bag, Techkriti’08

Dear friends,

School Bag is a mini techkriti for school kids. When we IITians at the India’s biggest technological institute organize our technological festival we cannot just miss out the budding future of this country so undoubtedly we have to build this stage called school bag where talent would perform and the so called ungifted would admire the next Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam or Dr. C.V Raman .

It aims at encouraging young minds to give shape to their scientific ideas. It is a national level event which gives an opportunity to schools from all over the country to participate and prove themselves. For more details about the event, visit http://www.techkriti.org/#lookup_Events_Focus_SchoolBag or contact us at schoolbag@techkriti.org You can register for the event through your school. Send us the complete contact details of your school.

For further queries, please contact-

Event Coordinators

Abhishek Gaur (gourabhi@iitk.ac.in )

Gaurav Nigam (ngaurav@iitk.ac.in )

Do SciMaTeX

Bored with bread-boards, IDEs and those never fitting nuts and bolts? Or wanna do something different? Here is TechKriti’s tribute to Science and Mathematics for you: SciMaTeX. Online puzzles at NutCracker (and this has already started: keep watching this.), challenging on the spot problems at TechOlympiad, and even an experimental Physics contest at Prayog, we habe it all. For those with a flair for imagination, there is Hypothetica, and there is a spot for the aspiring teachers too: try out Vyakhya. And how can we forget the trivia-crazy: we have Brainwaves, the Mathematics quiz and Nerdoquooz, the General Science quiz. And for those who like their problems cut out cold, there is the “classical” problem solving contest “Samadhan”.

So why wait? Try out SciMaTeX right now!!!

Endeavour,Techkriti 2008@IIT Kanpur

Dear friends,

IIT Kanpur proudly presents to you Endeavour 08,one of the largest events of the technical festival of IITK-Techkriti ‘08. It is an open hardware projects contest with unlimited bandwidth with respect to departments, ideas and problem statements. It invites projects from all departments with any innovative idea modeled into a working project (hardware implementation).

The total prize boasts above Rs 1 Lakh, first prize being nearly 40k. So why late??…. Storm your brains and bring out the hidden innovation in you. Know more about the event and download the registration forms from http://www.techkriti.org/techkri/index.html#lookup_Events_Innovate_Endeavour and apply online by registering yourself at www.techkriti.org . The last date of online registration is 10th January 2008.

For further details regarding last year projects logon to http://endeavour2008.blogspot.com/.

For any further queries and clarifications, please contact:

Event coordinators:

Amit Bhawsinghka (bamit@iitk.ac.in)

Rakesh Ranjan (rrakesh@iitk.ac.in)

Suman Saurabh (suman@iitk.ac.in)


Techkriti’08 , IIT Kanpur

Hello friends,

IIT Kanpur is organizing its Annual International Science and Technology Festival TECHKRITI’08 from 14th-17th Feb 2008.Its amongst the largest technical festivals in Asia.

Highlights of Techkriti’08 :

Lecture Series:
o Dr. Peter Grunberg – Nobel Prize in Physics, 2007
o Kevin Warwick – The First Human Cyborg
o Harsh Manglik – Chairman and MD, Accenture, India
o Prof. Colin Cunningham – Novel Technology for Optical and Infrared Astronomy
event sponsors

Panel Discussion: “Global Climatic Changes and Environmental Pollution
Prof. Tad Murty
Dr. Udai P Singh

Video Conferencing:
o John C. Mather : American astrophysicist, cosmologist, Nobel Prize
Physics laureate
o Robert Howard Grubbs : Nobel Prize in Chemistry,2005

o RoboKriti
o Software Defined Radio Workshop

o Astrophotography
o Telescope Making

IORC ’08: Techkriti ’08 brings to you for the first time in India a Speedcubing
Contest recognized by World Cube Association. All the participants’ records shall be officially recognized by World Cube Association.

If you dare to compete, here we provide you the battle arena with number of events:

Endeavour, Bio Business Plan , EUREKA, Nirmaan , School Bag, , Gearloose, SciMatex, IDPC, TesseracT

Along with

Software Corner : myFox, Gimmick, Instant, Chaos, Open s/w Contest, Let’s Game Mobile
Robogames: Battle Of the Atlantic, DetectorX ,The Savior Sense,
Olymbiz : Smart Manager, Business Gaming, Commercial Break, Stocksim
Electronic Events : Electromania, Embedded Design, Analogic
International Events
Turbulence : Cruise Control, Rocketrix, Pushpak
COSMOS : Documentaries, Mobile Planetarium, Obsessions

HAMfest : Foxhunt, Lectures, Software Defined Radio Workshop, On the Spot Electronics Competition

For more details, updates and registration do visit:

So what are you waiting just rush and register.

Watch Techkriti promo. Video –

With best wishes,
Hospitality Team
IIT Kanpur